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Posted on 11-28-2016

Our Chiropractor in Frisco, TX Treats Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

Pain is one of the most ubiquitous aspects of being alive.  What many don't take into consideration, is that pain plays a very important role in our lives.  It's more than just a physical manifestation of discomfort, but also a built-in defense mechanism that's there to let us know when something's wrong.  Without it, we would never know that there were even issues to address.  When we get to the subject of back pain, though, things can be a bit complicated.  The spine's complexity is simply jaw-dropping, made up of highly intricate structures that are forced to take lifetimes of abuse.

chiropractic care for back pain

Also, the entire region is enveloped by some of the body's most complex and interconnected muscle groups, joints and circulatory components.  This is a lot of ground for things to go wrong, and like most people, we have an inclination to wait for issues to resolve themselves.  Here are a few things to be mindful of when identifying and treating back pain.

The Spine, Vertebrae and Discs at a Glance

Running from the base of the neck all the way down to our tailbone, the spine is made up of a column of vertebrae which are protected and cushioned by the "discs" we hear so much about.  These intervertebral discs are very similar to cartilage in their composition, but features a two-layer design that makes them both unique and vulnerable over time.

The disc's outermost region features a hard, ligamentous wall that protects the softer, gel-like inner disc structure.  When compressed, the disc's inner layer will bulge outward, pressing against the exterior shell.  This is more common than you might think, as it's been reported that as many as 60% of all adults live with some type of disc protrusion.  When the exterior wall does not rupture, though, these issues cause little to no pain and remain classified as asymptomatic.

Simple Muscle Strain VS Serious Disc Injuries

One of the scariest and most frustrating aspects of suffering a back injury, is trying to determine whether it's a simple muscle strain or a more serious injury to the disc or spinal column.  In cases where muscles of the back and spinal column have been strained, these will tend to heal up on their own in just a matter of days.  In more serious cases, the pain will be far more intense in nature, longer lasting, and may not respond to OTC medication.  These are all indicators of disc damage and require immediate medical attention.

Treating Back Pain and Injuries of the Spine

If it's determined that the source of your pain or injury is significant but posing no immediate threat, a number of traditional and new treatments can be extremely effective in eliminating a wide range of back and lower neck pains.  In most cases these can be done as a first line of treatment, while others serve more effectively as part of a moderate to long-term recovery program.  One of the most popular, ARPwave, is completely non-invasive with results that are surprisingly rapid.

Call Us Today for a Safe & Effective Back Pain Treatment in Frisco

If you're in the Frisco area and ready to once-and-for-all rid yourself of the daily back-pain burden, our entire team of chiropractors and health experts is here to help you make it happen.  Call Hoogeveen Chiropractic in Frisco TX today at 972-335-7994 to get answers to your questions or schedule an appointment.

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