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Posted on 11-28-2016

How Our Chiropractor in Frisco Help Improve Range of Motion

increasing range of motion

Many of those reading this have likely heard that a body in motion stays in motion.  We could not agree more wholeheartedly.  This is one of the most basic concepts of modern physics and one that moreover applies to each and every human being.  Limited mobility range can result from a wide range of circumstances, though the most significant include poor diet, lifestyle, injuries (old and new), the aging process, waning posture, unhealthy sleeping habits and many more.  As many learn, the severity of restriction gets worse over time--making even the simplest actions rife with pain and discomfort.

Another point worth keeping in mind, is that a healthy range of motion is not merely something for athletes and those in physically demanding professions.  It can affect how well or poorly each one of us lives, works, plays, ages and so on.  Here are some practical tips on what you can do to improve flexibility, joint health and improved mobility range.

Correct Underlying Issues Affecting Range of Motion

All too often it's a simple compression or old injury keeping someone from enjoying a full, healthy range of motion.  A qualified Frisco TX chiropractor can quickly and rapidly identify issues that are easy to correct.  Once determined, they'll work with you on things like posture correction and improvement, strength building, weight loss, or any other issue that's impeding your potential.

Work with a Chiropractor in Frisco to Learn and Develop Your Range

Once any underlying misalignments or subluxations have been resolved, you and your chiropractor can begin the process of restoring strength and re-establishing a more optimal and healthy range.  This typically includes a variety of stretches and exercises to further develop the muscle group's surrounding joint integrity, and can also include other non-invasive therapies to condition and stimulate compromised regions.

Take Proactive Steps to Maintain and Improve Flexibility

The only thing worse than not making a change, is successfully making a change and letting it go to waste.  Improving range of motion is anything but a one-and-done type of treatment.  It's something that improves and evolves over a lifetime, but the rewards far outweigh the physical cost of doing nothing at all.  Once you've achieved the results you initially sought, it's crucial that you continue to apply everything you've learned to your daily life.  Over time, the stretching, posture exercises and better habits will just seem… normal.

Call Hoogeveen Chiropractic in Frisco to Improve Range & Flexibility

If improving your mobility and range is something you're ready to make happen, Hoogeveen Chiropractic offers a full range of health services and treatment options to get you there.  Give us a call at 972-335-7994 to learn more or set up an appointment.

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